Collaboration in Healthcare Examples: Dermatology

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Collaboration in healthcare is critical to making medical diagnoses and improving patient outcomes. Physicians within and across specialties collaborate every day to help patients around the globe. Here we have two unique examples of collaboration in healthcare made possible by the Figure 1 platform.

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Collaboration in Healthcare Example #1: Starting in India

A physician in India had numerous patients suffering from deep tissue wounds. After reaching out on the Figure 1 platform, other members suggested using medical-grade honey due to its natural antibacterial and tissue-repairing properties.

Unfortunately, the physician did not have access to medical-grade honey, so he instead used consumer-grade honey, and documented the entire process on Figure 1. Over several months, these patients had incredible improvements to their flesh wounds thanks to the honey treatment.

Collaboration in Healthcare Example #2: Helping in Haiti

Several years later, an American nurse practitioner was working in a rural clinic in Haiti. She was a member of the Figure 1 community and reached out to her peers for help treating severe burns on a 16-year-old patient.

The patient was suffering from several nonhealing areas, and a skin graft was not an option. Similar to the physician in India, this clinician did not have access to advanced facilities and resources.

A few longtime Figure 1 members suggested the honey method, given its success with the patients in India. Ultimately, she took a slightly different approach and dressed the wounds with a mixture of consumer-grade honey and petroleum.

After several weeks, these patients also saw amazing results.

The Result: A Successful Collaboration in Healthcare Example

The nurse practitioner in Haiti and her patient benefited from the collaboration that took place on the platform — even without direct contact with the physician in India. She collaborated with her peers and was guided through the healing process based on resources and evidence provided by the other physician. This shows just how beneficial instant-collaboration tools can be for clinicians, especially in areas that have limited resources. 

Figure 1 is accessible across the globe, providing new insights and supporting doctors in remote areas.

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Published October 3, 2022

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