Five outstanding female physicians on Figure 1 you must follow today

A self-portrait done by Dr. Kathryn Ko (@doc_ambidexter).

In honor of National Women Physicians Day, here are five of the Figure 1 community’s most respected female physicians.

1. An ambidextrous neurosurgeon

Dr. Kathryn Ko is a New York City-based neurosurgeon and an accomplished artist who specializes in painting the anatomy of the brain. During medical school, Dr. Ko switched from the right to the left hand and is now completely ambidextrous. She operates, paints, draws, and writes with both hands. Follow doc_ambidexter on Figure 1 to see the work of Dr. Ko’s scalpel and her paintbrush.

Follow doc_ambidexter on Figure 1.

2. An ER doctor with intense surroundings

From snake bites to machete wounds, Prasannah posts complex cases from a busy Malaysian emergency room. Learn alongside this emergency medicine resident as she faces challenging diagnoses and treatments from a variety of specialties.

Follow Prasannah on Figure 1.

3. A whip-smart new grad

Barefootmeds practices in her native South Africa as a medical intern. Her Figure 1 username comes from her “affinity for bare feet and the simple life.” Her passion for education and asking questions makes her a top physician to follow, especially for students.

Follow Barefootmeds on Figure 1.

4. A hawk-eyed dermatologist

Dr. Nely Aldrich (@derminator) was born in Cuba and came to the U.S. when she was eight. She continually impresses the community with her excellent eye for visual diagnosis. She can recognize a horse and spot a zebra like no other.

Follow derminator on Figure 1.

5. An OB/GYN who’s helping women

Dr. Kate Sanserino (@kate4138) worked for a year as an editorial assistant before deciding to change fields and enter medicine. During her clinical rotations, she fell in love with OB/GYN because it was a surgical field that allowed her to improve the lives of women.

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Published July 26, 2021

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