How a Leading Children’s Hospital Amplified its Presence at RSNA

Featured image: From the case “Comprehensive Review of Pediatric Liver MR Elastography” shared on the Figure 1 platform by the Radiology Department of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

When doctors from across North America gather to share insights and new techniques in their field, it drives healthcare forward. When that reach expands past the walls of a conference center, the impact is even greater.

That’s what the Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (@CincyKidsRad) did at this year’s Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) Annual Meeting in Chicago. They presented three exhibits of radiologic insight, and then used Figure 1 to bring them to the world’s largest active network of healthcare professionals. Here’s a snapshot of what they shared.

A review of pediatric liver magnetic resonance elastography (MRE), so radiologists can easily recognize the findings of liver diseases in one of the newer forms of imaging. A series of 27 images that show the mycology and epidemiology of three major fungal infections endemic to the U.S., and how they present in a range of imaging. “Great cases. I don’t see these often in my practice so good to review,” said one interventional radiologist from the U.S. on Figure 1. How to approach imaging in the setting of trauma, and how physiologic differences between the pediatric and adult spine impact the process.

Dr. Alex Towbin, medical imaging associate chief and radiologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, said at RSNA that the benefits of tapping into a professional network like Figure 1 are clear: It lets doctors directly connect with other doctors.

“It’s a very engaged community,” Towbin told Radiology Business this week. “We get more comments on a post on Figure 1 [than on other social platforms], even though we have just 5,000 followers there.”

See how @CincyKidsRad is sharing more knowledge on Figure 1.

Published December 2019; updated October 12, 2022

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