How Figure 1 Connects Healthcare Professionals Around the World

With the world’s largest curated library of real-world medical cases, Figure 1 is transforming medical education and bringing it to the cutting edge. From clinical decision support to education, Figure 1 allows HCPs to share and learn from top medical professionals with the modern digital tools that support their incredibly busy lifestyles.

More than 2.96 million healthcare professionals contribute to the collective knowledge on Figure 1, and use its knowledge-sharing platform to collaborate on patient cases in real-time. In the words of a pediatric subspecialist, Figure 1 keeps their “deductive skills sharp.” 

Very importantly, this peer-to-peer collaboration has a tangible impact on clinical outcomes. Forty percent of healthcare professionals find a resolution for their patients, such as a diagnosis or management plan, through Figure 1 that they were otherwise unable to find themselves.

One hundred thousand cases spanning every specialty across medicine, and 1.43 million comments, from some of the top medical minds mean members can keep their fingers on the pulse of medicine, and stay up to date in an ever-changing field. 

See the full scope with the infographic below:

Figure 1 is realizing its vision to democratize medical knowledge, helping millions of healthcare professionals help billions of patients.

Published July 28, 2021

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