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Episode 6

Non-Specific Symptoms Lead to Complicated Diagnosis

It starts small. A slight pain in the foot, followed by an achy shoulder. There’s some fatigue. The type of non-specific symptoms that often go ignored … until they can’t be anymore.

Episode 5

A Lump on the Skull and the Misdiagnosis of a Rare Bone Disease

In 1964, Nancy, a 5-year-old, is having her evening bath when her parents discover she has a lump on the skull the size of a grapefruit. This would mark the onset of a mysterious and debilitating disease that researchers are still struggling to understand.

Episode 2

Overlooked Diagnostic Test for Blood Calcium Levels Leads to Rare Diagnosis

A 23-year-old presents to the emergency department with progressive symptoms. It starts with tingling in the fingertips that lead to leg cramps that turn into feeling like she’s turning into stone, frozen in one position with stabbing pain. And perhaps most troubling, she can’t concentrate. In fact, the brain fog is so severe that she’s afraid to drive.