Becoming a verified member

How do I become verified?
Becoming verified is a simple process. When you apply for membership on Figure 1, you provide us with license information, a professional ID or an institutional email address. Our trained verification team will use this information to look up your license in a publicly available database. If you are a student, you will be asked to submit your name and a student photo ID or institutional email address.

Can I become verified without an institutional email address?
In the absence of an institutional email address, we can accept a photo of you holding your workplace, student, or government-issued photo ID. We require this to make sure that the person requesting verification is really you. This enables our team to ensure that you are part of a trusted community of other healthcare professionals.

Why isn’t verification available for my country or specialty?
We are always working to expand our verification program to include more specialties and more countries. If you have suggestions on how we can confirm medical licenses in your country, please contact us at