How do I share a case on the app?

To share a case on the mobile app:

Tap the plus sign at the top of the home screen or select Share a Case from the side menu. Tap Share a case at the top of the next screen. Tap Add image(s). You can take a photo using the camera, or select an existing image from your photo library or another source. You can select multiple images to add to your case.

Although we recommend including an image when you share a case, this is not required. You can skip this step and post a text-only case if you prefer.

If you post an image(s), tap the pencil icon to edit your image(s). The draw and crop tools can be used to remove any identifiers and to emphasize areas of interest. The arrow tool can be used to highlight specific findings or direct your peers to focus on a specific area of the image. The automatic face-blocking tool will detect and block any faces present in the image. If you would like to remove or reduce the size of a face block, tap the pencil icon to edit. Tap the down arrow once your edits are complete to return to the case creation screen.

Add a short, descriptive title for your case and a case summary. Complete case summaries include relevant clinical information such as patient history, symptoms, possible treatment, or differential diagnoses. You may also choose to include a question to prompt discussion or ask the community for feedback.

Select a case status and choose a label for your case so that your peers can find it. Tap Next to categorize your case by speciality and subspecialty. Tap Submit to share your case to Figure 1.

If you wish to use a consent form, you may access a sample form here.

Our team of moderators will review your case, and you will receive a notification when your case has been approved.

If your case is not accepted, you will receive an email explaining why and you will have an opportunity to revise and resubmit your case. If you don’t have time to complete your post, go to the first screen where you uploaded your image and case title and tap Save as draft. You can find your saved case in your Drafts folder and submit it at a later time.