Figure 1’s Mentorship Program is a free and opt-in program available for all Figure 1 members to learn and have a one-of-a-kind opportunity with experienced professionals.

Timeline: March 18 – May 31

Please note: Mentorship groups are only supported in English, Spanish and Portuguese

Introducing our Mentors

Read each group description below and join the groups that match your interests — you can join more than one. Remember this is a professional platform and every time you join a group, the group mentor will be notified.

We encourage you to participate and engage whenever there’s a proposed discussion by the mentor. You are also welcome to ask your own questions and post content.

Groups are listed in alphabetical order.


Family Medicine – Nurse Practitioner – USA

Who should join: All healthcare providers, leadership, HA administrators, clinical and non clinical staff and students

Language: English and Spanish

Description & Goals: Welcome to the 99percent mentorship group. I am glad you are joining us. It is my hope this group will be a dynamic resource for your professional development and evolving intellectual capabilities in matters of patient safety, quality insurance practices, evidence-based research, and the integration of these concepts into clinical practice utilizing EBP tools such as TeamSTEPPS (team Strategies & Tools to Enhance Performance & Patient Safety) designed to encourage inter-disciplinary communication and teamwork to achieve optimal, safe patient care with positive outcomes without increasing overall healthcare cost (AHQR, 2023). Let’s learn together!

Bienvenido al grupo mentor 99percent. Me alegro que nos visites. Mis expectativas dentro de este grupo es que los miembros tengan acceso a recursos dinámico que le aporten a sus desarrollo profesional e intellectual en referencia a temas de servicios medicos de alta calidad contribuyente al bienestar de los pacientes con resultados de salud positivos. Los métodos a utilizar están basados en conceptos de calidad establecidos,  datos con evidencia de implementación e investigaciones científicas; y en la integración de estos conceptos en el ambiento clínico utilizando herramientas  como TeamSTEPPS (Estrategias y Herramientas de Equipo para el Rendimiento y Seguridad Medica del Paciente) diseñado para lograr una alta  calidad de servicios de salud  con resultados positivos y sin aumentar el costo total del servicio dado (AHQR, 2023). ¡Aprendamos Juntos!


Rheumatology – Physician – Spain

Who should join: People eager to learn, with ideas to share and lots of doubts who want to further their education while being very participative

Language: English

Description & Goals: Clinical cases about common and uncommon presentations of everyday diseases and how to treat them. Also highlight how to treat them and how it could vary depending on which country you’re in. General approach to diagnosis and the different ways of treating the same disease in different persons


Neurology – Medical resident – Canada

Who should join: Intended audience include medical students with interest in Neurology, junior Neurology residents. Anyone with interest in clinical Neurology is welcome

Language: English

Description & Goals: To discuss interesting and “must know” topics in Neurology, both for inpatients and outpatients settings. We will review neuroimaging, and run by clinical cases when available. Intended audience include med students with interest in Neurology, junior Neurology residents, anyone with interest in clinical Neurology is welcome. I’m a Neurology resident in Canada, therefore we will use the international units system, which we use here


Internal Medicine – Physician – Brazil

Who should join: Qualquer um disposto a aprender e participar das discussões

Language: Português

Description & Goals: Uma vez por semana será postado um caso real selecionado em atendimento ambulatorial para discussão nesse grupo. O objetivo é aprendermos juntos.