Figure 1’s Mentorship Program is a free and opt-in program available for all Figure 1 members to learn and have a one of a kind opportunity with experienced professionals.

Starts November 7 – Ends January 18

Deadline to join: November 11

Please note: Mentorship groups are only supported in English

Introducing our Mentors

Read each group description below and join the groups that match your interests — you can join more than one. Remember this is a professional platform and every time you join a group, the group mentor will be notified.

We encourage you to participate and engage whenever there’s a proposed discussion by the mentor. You are also welcome to ask your own questions and post content.


Plastic Surgery – Physician – Brazil

Who should join: Residents

Description & Goals: Teaching Plastic Surgery


Rheumatology – Physician – Spain

Who should join: People eager to learn, with ideas to share and lots of doubts who want to further their education while being very participative

Description & Goals: Clinical cases about common and uncommon presentations of everyday diseases and how to treat them. Also highlight how to treat them and how it could vary depending on which country you’re in. General approach to diagnosis and the different ways of treating the same disease in different persons


Critical Care – Physician – Australia

Who should join: Medical students up to advanced trainees in Critical Care.

Description & Goals: Basics of Critical Care. Including fluid management, cVS and Resp System support, interpretation of investigations, and critical thinking. To practise safe, thoughtful medicine not just follow protocols.


Cardiology – Resident – Tanzania

Who should join: Medical students and medical personnel are expected to learn from this group

Description & Goals: The program is expected to cover different oncological cases and lessons


Diagnostic Radiology – Physician – USA

Who should join: Medical students, residents, physician assistants, nurse practitioners

Description & Goals: A Systematic Approach to X-rays. A foolproof way to evaluate an x-ray and enough practice to develop the start of a habits


Neurology – Resident – Canada

Who should join: Med students with interest in Neurology, Junior Neurology Residents, anyone with interest in clinical Neurology

Description & Goals: To discuss interesting and “must know” topics in Neurology, both for inpatients and outpatients settings. We will review neuroimaging, and run by clinical cases when available.


Radiology – Physician – South Africa

Who should join: Young Radiologists in training and ER doctors

Description & Goals: Radiology mistakes to avoid. Multiple modalities. Learn to think twice and be observant when viewing what looks like “Obvious cases”


Radiology – Physician – Bangladesh

Who should join: Junior doctors, Radiology Residents, Clinical Speciality Trainees & Specialists and Radiographers

Description & Goals: The focus is upon precision & completeness of diagnosis, value-based service, and providing structured & context-specific reports based on international guidelines. The topics I will cover include — radiation hazards & protection, contrast safety, ACR, diagnostic algorithm for adrenal masses, diffuse parenchymal lung diseases, lung cancer, hepatobiliary imaging & cases, etc