DDx: A Podcast About How Doctors Think

DDx is medical shorthand for differential diagnosis, and this is a podcast about how doctors think and learn on the job. It’s hosted by Dr. Raj Bhardwaj and is produced by Figure 1, the global knowledge-sharing platform for medicine.

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Season 10 | Episode 6

Giving New Life Through X-linked Hypophosphatemia Research

After a lifetime of treating her rare bone disease, X-linked hypophosphatemia, a patient is at the end of her rope. Due to a genetic variation of the X chromosome — specifically the PHEX gene — there’s an imbalance of phosphate levels in her body. Because of its domino effect on bone development and mineralization, the patient is in pain, she’s frustrated, and nothing seems to help. So when a clinical trial opportunity presents itself, Dr. Suzanne Jan de Beur, a professor of medicine and the Chief of Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of Virginia, is unsure the patient will want to participate. While the decision to participate is surprising, the results of the clinical trial are astonishing.

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Go inside the minds of doctors who specialize in hemophilia — a rare, inherited bleeding disorder that once meant possibly not surviving past the age of 20. This season, we’ll explore the medical milestones that enable patients today to live longer, richer lives and examine the challenges yet to be tackled.

Catch up on season 10

Diagnosing and treating rare bone diseases is complex and each case is unique. In this season of the DDx podcast, delve into the experiences of six physicians and the stories of the patients they treat. Plus, discover how medical research is offering patients more options and more hope.

About DDx

DDx is medical shorthand for differential diagnosis, a system of analysis designed to identify the root cause of complex patient symptoms. This is a medical podcast about how doctors think and learn on the job — exploring complex areas of medicine and difficult medical cases. The show is hosted by Dr. Raj Bhardwaj and produced by Figure 1.