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Episode 5
11:17 minutes

Paediatric Seizures and The Race Against Time

A toddler’s parents noticed him having muscle twitches before falling asleep and when waking up. They’re told nothing is wrong. This episode of DDx reminds us that sometimes when you hear hoofbeats, it really is a zebra.

Episode 4
12:18 minutes

Diagnosing a Complex and Mysterious Form of Paediatric Epilepsy

A child was referred to a specialist on the suspicion he has pediatric epilepsy, a complicated and fickle condition. In this episode of DDx, we explore a case with several peculiar symptoms and diagnostic test results that baffled doctors. The answer may lie in genetic testing.

Episode 3
11:07 minutes

Mapping a Complicated Genetic History of Epilepsy

A 5-month-old was brought to the emergency department with staring episodes. In this episode of DDx, we’re reminded that even when initial tests come back normal, keep thinking about the patient in front of you and probe parents for any new signs.

Episode 2
12:33 minutes

The Many Questions and Few Answers of a Rare Disease Diagnosis

A toddler has episodes where his face changes, his arms shoot up, and he collapses. On this episode of the podcast, we address when rare disease diagnoses offer more questions than answers, and treatment options don’t lead to a cure.