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Episode 6
12:32 minutes

Psoriasis and mental health

A common skin condition affects much more than a patient’s skin, and misinformation only exacerbates the stigma.

Episode 4
9:49 minutes

More than skin deep

While skin findings can sometimes help with a diagnosis, they can also distract from other undiagnosed symptoms.

Episode 3
9:45 minutes

Rash decision

What do you do when faced with a set of symptoms that has two contradictory courses of treatment?

Episode 2
8:40 minutes

Why skin color matters

Unconscious bias can run so deep that patients and doctors alike can miss a potentially fatal diagnosis.

Episode 1
9:05 minutes

Scratching the surface

A patient presents with fever, swollen digits, and skin “the color of a red delicious apple.” She’s been scratching so hard that she’s bleeding through her shirt. What’s going on?