Loren DeVito, PhD
Medical Advisors

Loren M. DeVito, PhD

Neuroscientist; Scientific Director, Sticky Ink Inc.

Contributing Author

Loren M. DeVito, PhD, is neuroscientist and medical communications specialist. She received her undergraduate degree in psychology and cognitive science at Cornell University and MA and PhD at Boston University in behavioral neuroscience where she pursued research on memory and cognition with a primary focus on schizophrenia. She completed a Post-doctoral Fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, ON on the molecular mechanisms of memory with a primary focus on Alzheimer’s disease, which was supported by the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada.

Loren is currently a Scientific Director at Sticky Ink Inc, her consulting and writing company. She has extensive experience in medical education, scientific publications, pharmaceutical marketing, scientific journalism, and medical affairs. Loren is also a consultant for the medical cannabis industry.