Figure 1 Featured in Student Competition in Mexico

Students at the Universidad Marista de Mérida in Mérida, Mexico, recently featured Figure 1 in their award-winning research presentation.

The students — and Figure 1 members — Alejandro Alcocer, César Ortiz, Luis Pech, and Emiliano Santaella, developed a research poster detailing how Figure 1 positively impacts the international medical community by sharing and discussing real medical cases. The poster was showcased during a university congress competition to students and medical professionals in the Yucatan region. Competing against 40 other health sciences student groups, Alcocer, Ortiz, Pech, and Santaella were awarded second place in the competition. 

“We deeply appreciate the platform and the tremendous support,” shared Ortiz. “Our enthusiasm is rooted in the belief that collaborating with the Figure 1 team will significantly enhance medical collaboration, ultimately benefiting a larger number of patients. We look forward to the continued partnership, confident that Figure 1 will play a crucial role in improving patient diagnosis and outcomes.”

Pulling from the real patient cases on the platform, the presentation highlighted that Figure 1 “offers the possibility of accessing the opinions of thousands of specialists in a very short time, free of charge and in a large part of the world.”

After assessing the platform’s capabilities, the team concluded, “Thanks to medical collaboration, cases that would otherwise have received inadequate therapeutic or diagnostic management in real life have achieved an appropriate resolution, improving clinical practice. Figure 1 is a viable option for disseminating knowledge to all disciplines within the health area, promoting self-taught learning.”

About Figure 1

Figure 1 is the world’s leading platform for medical case-based knowledge sharing and collaboration, and a winner of the Webby People’s Voice Award for Best App in the Experimental & Innovation category. With over 3 million registered members in 190 countries worldwide, the platform allows verified healthcare professionals of all kinds — from physicians and medical students, to nurse practitioners and physician assistants — to safely and securely collaborate on cases to lower costs and improve patient outcomes.

Published January 11, 2024

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