Figure 1 New Feature Release: Instant Access to Related Scientific Literature

Figure 1, the Webby award-winning platform for medical case-based knowledge sharing, is happy to announce a new feature for its over 3 million registered healthcare professionals: a quick and easy way to cross-reference scientific literature related to the cases they are viewing. Now, each case on Figure 1 will have a banner beneath it that says “Related Literature” — articles sourced from PubMed that are connected to the content of the case and add peer reviewed information to the discussion, diagnosis, and strategies for care. 

Each case has multiple related articles, offering Figure 1’s members a convenient way to discover a variety of sources on the topic at hand, whether it’s studies, clinical guidelines, or recent drug trials. With a quick scan, healthcare professionals on Figure 1 can browse through the titles of recent scientific articles related to the case they are viewing, and access them on PubMed with a single click. Doing so takes you straight to that article on PubMed, and its associated journal, authors, abstract, and references. Everything Figure 1 members need to stay informed on the subject.

When a healthcare professional posts a case onto Figure 1, they don’t have to worry about finding and appending relevant scientific articles — that is all done automatically by the platform. Each case is automatically matched to relevant articles by Figure 1, based on the case’s medical field, case description, and keywords such as symptoms, treatments, diagnoses, and disease names. 

This feature is currently live on Figure 1, providing peer reviewed context to the over 2 million comments discussing medical cases from all around the globe.

Figure 1’s CEO Josh Wildstein says, “Features like this make Figure 1 your one-stop shop for staying up to date on the latest medical knowledge. Our members can compare and contrast the discussion on Figure 1 with the newest findings in the scientific literature. This helps our members deepen their knowledge of the topic at hand, make new connections between scientific articles and real-world cases, and apply that knowledge to provide better quality care for their patients.” 

About Figure 1

Figure 1 is the world’s leading platform for medical case-based knowledge sharing and collaboration, and a winner of the Webby People’s Voice Award for Best App in the Experimental & Innovation category. With over 3 million registered members in 190 countries worldwide, the platform allows verified healthcare professionals of all kinds — from medical students to physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants — to safely and securely collaborate on cases to lower costs and improve patient outcomes. For more information, contact Erin Vanderkruk

Published June 20, 2022

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