Figure 1 Releases New Feature: Self-Forming, Private Groups

Figure 1, the Webby award-winning platform for medical case-based knowledge sharing, is pleased to announce a new feature for its over 3 million members: the option to create Private Groups. With this feature, healthcare professionals can easily connect with known colleagues to privately share knowledge, help diagnose sensitive cases, and discuss strategies for care — all with an eye to improve patient outcomes in medical cases that cannot be shared publicly.

Previously, some members on Figure 1 were unable to share cases publicly due to privacy concerns or restrictions from their institutions. Private Groups offers a way for these healthcare professionals to collaborate with known colleagues, and enjoy the benefits of posting, sharing, and commenting on cases on Figure 1’s safe, secure, and moderated network. Figure 1’s goal is to allow any healthcare professional to be able to contribute, use the platform to teach and learn, and improve patient outcomes through knowledge sharing.

For example, if a group of physicians are learning from a mentor and want to discuss cases in relation to their study or research, or nurse practitioners at the same institution want to swiftly collaborate on medical cases with colleagues who aren’t on-site — either are possible with the flexible Private Group system.

Similarly, institutions and organizations can use Private Groups to build community, present information, and disseminate materials. Societies such as MedChi (the Maryland State Medical Society) are using private groups to keep their membership informed, connected, and build camaraderie. Medical schools also use Private Groups to keep residents in the loop, and help them see the cases they ought to be seeing for their education, whether or not they are on the ward that particular day.

Whether they’re at the same hospital, or on the other side of the world, members of Figure 1 can create a Private Group quickly and easily by visiting the Private Groups tab, and clicking the “Create Group” button. For each Private Group, there will also be an “Invite” button, which allows group members to search through existing Figure 1 members, and invite them to join the group. Alternatively, members can copy and share an invite link that will allow any Figure 1 member who clicks on it to join the group.

Josh Wildstein, Figure 1’s CEO, explains, “This is a feature that our membership has long requested, and we are very excited to be able to offer it. Healthcare professionals well understand the need for patient anonymity that our safe and secure platform provides, but even then, some cases are best shared amongst known colleagues. That way, you can swiftly kickstart a conversation without introductory context. This feature allows healthcare professionals to connect with each other in a variety of group configurations, and use Figure 1 in a way that best suits their needs. These intentional, private, self-forming groups will allow Figure 1’s members to have the private conversations they want while taking advantage of our platform’s renowned security.”

About Figure 1

Figure 1 is the world’s leading platform for medical case-based knowledge sharing and collaboration, and a winner of the Webby People’s Voice Award for Best App in the Experimental & Innovation category. With over 3 million registered members in 190 countries worldwide, the platform allows healthcare professionals of all kinds — from medical students to physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, etc. — to safely and securely collaborate on cases to lower cost and improve patient outcomes. For more information, contact Erin Vanderkruk

Published June 13, 2022

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