Update on Figure 1’s Innovative Digital Medical Education Model

With 3 million registered healthcare professionals in 190 countries collaborating on over 100,000 real medical cases, Figure 1 is transforming the landscape of medical collaboration. We are the pulse of medicine today: always on, always up to date, always offering something new for healthcare professionals to learn. As the world’s leading platform for case-based knowledge sharing, Figure 1 is also at the forefront of digital medical education.

By educating and engaging millions of healthcare professionals, Figure 1’s platform provides a valuable channel to help pharmaceutical companies connect with healthcare professionals who make prescription and treatment decisions each and every day.

On Figure 1, we know our members want to learn and engage with their peers, and they want to hear from pharmaceutical and biotech companies like yours.

Knowledge Lift, One Case At a Time

Medical education is changing, and Figure 1 is on the cusp of that evolution. Our model of online knowledge sharing leverages real-world cases with real-time conversations among registered healthcare professionals across the globe. This peer-to-peer learning is like having the world’s largest teaching hospital in our members’ back pocket, ready to access at any time.

Our members see medical education and knowledge sharing as key to enabling more effective learning, more accurate diagnosis, and better patient outcomes. They are interested and engaged. However, they are also active physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare providers who are extremely pressed for time and are only able to engage with quick, high-quality, valuable scientific information that is immediately relevant to their practice’s day-to-day decision-making.

That’s why the engagement we see on the platform is so incredible.

  • 50% of U.S. medical doctors on Figure 1 say that the platform has already impacted their clinical practice
  • 75% say that they have learned about new treatments on Figure 1
  • Of that 75%, 31% say that Figure 1 led to them prescribing a new treatment

What’s more, we consistently see that the learning model on Figure 1 works. With a recent branded case study on heart failure:

  • 76% strongly agreed that they are now more prepared to treat a patient after participating in this program
  • 80-92% of healthcare professionals correctly answered post-program questions about heart failure and the brand who sponsored the content (compared to only 42% before!)
  • 95% said they wanted to see more education offered in this quick, interactive model

Our members pay attention to Figure 1 because every aspect of learning is designed to fit the user experience of busy healthcare professionals. And it works.

Impact, Engagement, and Influencing Decisions

Figure 1 provides medical learning that sticks. Our members want this valuable information, because it helps them understand the latest developments in medical science swiftly, make decisions with greater clarity and confidence, and provide better care for their patients.

For the most cutting-edge information, our members want to hear from you, and value industry communications presented via Figure 1’s digital education model. In an internal survey of our membership, 50% of surveyed members said they were interested in seeing disease state education content from pharma on Figure 1, and 62% said they wanted to learn about new treatments or guidelines from pharma companies on Figure 1. 

Healthcare professionals on Figure 1 are keen to hear directly from the source, provided that the information meets the standards of Figure 1’s moderation and is recent, accurate, and meaningful to their practice.

In fact, two of the top five most-engaged cases on Figure 1 last year were cases from pharmaceutical companies. As long as the content is valuable and educational, it gets just as much attention as member cases, if not more.

Helping You Put These Pieces Together

At Figure 1 we use our platform expertise to build quick, relevant, scientifically valuable content for healthcare professionals. Our members want to learn and are asking to engage with the industry. 

What works best is material that joins seamlessly with the rest of the content on the platform. We offer pharma companies a variety of branded and unbranded content opportunities to connect with and educate healthcare professionals on Figure 1. 

This takes a number of forms, such as:

  • Quizzes — identifying knowledge gaps through gamified education
  • Sponsored Cases — education through real-life patient examples, the core unit of Figure 1
  • Medical Minutes — short, scientific videos that highlight patient cases or clinical data
  • Figure 1 Insights — quick “pulse checks” and first-party data from on-platform polling
  • The Differential — our email newsletter, a Figure 1 digest delivered directly to the inbox of your target audience
  • DDx Podcast — our top-rated case-based podcast about how doctors think
  • The Academy — a self-paced, on-demand learning experience for highly customized content

If creating content that fits in with Figure 1’s organic, member-generated medical information seems daunting, don’t worry! Our content strategists will partner with you to help craft a program that will enable members on Figure 1 to connect with your company and gain clarity on the opportunities that come from the treatments you offer.

Published August 8, 2022

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