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CDH Radiology


Plastic Surgery Group

Share experience and data about plastic surgery

Pediatric Rheumatology

Community designed to foster discussion and tackle challenging cases in pediatric rheumatology.

India Cases

Cases of Indian patients

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Latam

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Cases, Dental Medicine Cases, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Casos Interessantes (BR)

Grupo de discussão. Aqui o intuito é discutir c asos que os médicos da APS do Brasil se deparam diariamente.

Doctors of Turkey

Radiologic Sciences

Rad Techs, CT, MRI, XR, US

Still on Call

A learning group on medical cases with a focus on internal medicine and critical care. For any medical professionals with a pulse!

Neurologist Round Table

Brain Storming To Better Take care of patients Neurological Issues

Florida Surgeons

Surgical GI and Transplantation

Mainly based on discussion of MCh/DNB-SS entrance questions and their discussions for NEET-SS examinations in India, all aspirants and like minded surgeons are welcome to join. Seniors who can provide guidance regarding training opportunities in Surgical GI and Transplant are also welcome to join.

P.S. I am an aspirant myself.

Washington DC Area Health Professionals

A squad of health professionals in the Washington DC area composed of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dentists and other providers, collaborating to solve healthcare challenges in the DMV area.

Psychedelic Practitioners

For those working with psychedelics in their practice

Everything NICU


General chat

Critical Care Cases

Any critical case in adult need to be discussed or sharing interned case.

Educational Cases

Cases for educating medical professionals.

Hernia Mexico :flag-mx:

Todo sobre hernia


Providers working with the trifecta illnesses. Looking to create a network of referring providers.


Neuro-muscular Disorders

Pre-hospital and Emergency Medicine

Casos Chile :flag-cl:

Comunidad de profesionales y estudiantes de la salud de Chile 🇨🇱


Interesting and challenging cases in Otolaryngology

Before and after surgery pics


Digestivo and General Surgery Research Group, Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Porto Alegre, Brasil.


Imágenes con casos clínicos ENARM.



Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Dermatology Group

Dermatology Group

Prison Nurses

For all you jail nurses out there.



Internist Primary Care (United States)

Transplantation & Cellular Therapy

Virtual journal clubs to summarize recent articles regarding stem cell transplant, cellular therapy, CAR-T, immunotherapy and targeted therapy in hematology.

BMT & Cellular Therapy

Virtual journal club regarding latest articles in Heme malignancy, stem cell transplantation, CAR-T, cellular therapies and targeted therapies.

Medicina Interna Brasil

Casos clínicos de ambulatório.

Internal Medicine Group

Clinical cases of Internal Medicine.


Scenarios, questions, insight, knowledge, updates, etc.



Gastroenterology and liver cases

MLK Specialist



Event Medicine

Urgencias Mexico

Emergency cases around different hospitals in Mexico.

Dr Anguita’s strange place

This group is about Infectious Diseases and medical practice in a broad sense.

Pilonidal Sinus

Everything to do with pilonidal sinus: minimally invasive, endoscopic, laser, flap.


Terapia Nutricional & Nutrologia

#nutrutiontherapy #parenteralnutrition #enteralnutrition #clinicalnutrition

Paramedics Only

Prehospital emergency care without the memes.

Medical Genetics

Discuss anything medical genetics related.

Precision Pain Imaging

Focused on the emerging capability to Image tissues that are generating pain.

Evidence Based Acupuncturists

Acupuncturists who both respect and wish to preserve and translate TCM to modern audiences while sharing and paying close attention to studies and limitations of the practice.


Group dedicated to sharing and discussing dermatological cases from Brazil

Cardiology Cases

Indian Cases

Wound Care

Wound care professionals seeing patients at home.

Skin, Wound, Ostomy


Grupo creado para discutir y publicar dudas y temas mas frecuentes en el examen MIR.

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