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Cardiac Nurses

A place to share interesting cases regarding the care of cardiac patients i.e., IABP, ECMO, heart recovery, Impella, HM and so on…❤️‍🩹 all are welcome

CDH Radiology


DEX (Dental Exchange)

General and Specialist Dentistry



General chat

Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Dermatology Group

Dermatology Group


Providers working with the trifecta illnesses. Looking to create a network of referring providers.

Educational Cases

Cases for educating medical professionals.

Evidence Based Acupuncturists

Acupuncturists who both respect and wish to preserve and translate TCM to modern audiences while sharing and paying close attention to studies and limitations of the practice.


Gastroenterology and liver cases

Internal Medicine Group

Clinical cases of Internal Medicine.



Nutritional Therapy & Nutrition

#nutrutiontherapy #parenteralnutrition #enteralnutrition #clinicalnutrition

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Cases, Dental Medicine Cases, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Interesting and challenging cases in Otolaryngology

Pathology Fun

Pediatric Rheumatology

Community designed to foster discussion and tackle challenging cases in pediatric rheumatology.

Plastic Surgery Group

Share experience and data about plastic surgery

Pre-hospital and Emergency Medicine

Primary Care / Family Medicine

Scenarios, questions, insight, knowledge, updates, etc.

Prison Nurses

For all you jail nurses out there.

Radiologic Sciences

Rad Techs, CT, MRI, XR, US

Wound Care

Wound care professionals seeing patients at home.

Groups by Country

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Hernia Mexico :flag-mx:

Todo sobre hernia

India Cases

Cases of Indian patients

Urgencias Mexico

Emergency cases around different hospitals in Mexico.

Washington DC Area Health Professionals

A squad of health professionals in the Washington DC area composed of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dentists and other providers, collaborating to solve healthcare challenges in the DMV area.

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