The Most Interesting Medical Cases in Obstetrics and Gynecology

The field of obstetrics and gynecology is filled with thrilling, beautiful cases, as well as challenging and complicated cases. Many of these stories are shared on Figure 1 by healthcare providers around the world. Here are five of the most interesting obstetrics and gynecology medical cases found on the platform.

#5. Pap Smear Finding

A pathology resident shared this fifth most interesting obstetrics and gynecology case of a “33-year-old female presenting with numerous, small, fungating lesions on both labia majora which were cauterized at their respective bases and submitted for biopsy … microscopic examination of H&E sections show hyperplastic papillary squamous epithelium with parakeratosis, variable koilocytotic atypia (nuclear wrinkling with perinuclear clearing) …”

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#4. Retracted Nipple from Breast Cancer

A common sign of breast cancer, this medical case shows a retracted or inverted nipple due to breast cancer.

Some people are born with inverted nipples, and in these cases, an inverted nipple is not generally a sign of breast cancer. However, if a person’s nipple suddenly retracts, this can be a sign of breast cancer.

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#3. Uterine Dehiscence

This third most interesting medical case shows a patient at 38 weeks of pregnancy who had three previous c-section deliveries. According to the OBGYN physician who shared the case, “8 cm bloodless uterine dehiscence in the lower uterine segment. Fetus seen swimming inside. This is why patients with [history] of three or more c-sections really need to be delivered before the onset of labor. For me 37 weeks or bust!!!”

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#2. Ovarian Dermoid Cyst

A 16-year-old presented with vaginal pain and this 8 cm ovarian dermoid cyst was discovered. According to the registered nurse who shared the medical case, hair and a molar were discovered inside the cyst. 

A technologist who commented on the case noted, “Dermoid cysts or teratomas, consist of three germ cell layers, endo/ecto/mesoderm. This is why they frequently form skin, teeth and hair, but never a fetus or embryo — it has not ever been fertilized by sperm.”

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#1. “The most extraordinary umbilical cord knot I have ever seen”

This umbilical cord knot is from a “Mono-Mono twin pregnancy with twin B cord entanglement. 32week c/section delivery due to twin B decelerations,” according to the registered nurse who shared the case.

Just a couple of the comments on the case:
“I worked labor and delivery for 16 years and never saw anything like that!”
“Wow! Just Wow!!!”

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Published July 31, 2023

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