The Most Interesting Medical Cases in Pediatrics

When it comes to pediatrics, you never know what you’ll encounter. Here are five of the most interesting medical cases in pediatrics — and there were lots to choose from! — shared by the Figure 1 community.

#5. Bolt in the Ear

In this fifth most interesting medical case in pediatrics, a 13-year-old patient visited their pediatrician after experiencing ear fullness and mild hearing loss. Nothing was identified via otoscopy. Following ear irrigation, this .5 mm bolt was discovered. Per the pediatrician who shared this case, the patient “SWEARS he has no idea how it got in there. His suddenly red-faced 10yo brother adamantly denied any involvement. I am skeptical of the younger boy’s plea of innocence. Never a dull moment in #Pediatrics!”

Read why the otoscope may have missed the bolt in the case comments

#4. Zigzag Fracture

“Young patient after fall from about 6ft. Only injury … N/V completely intact. Incredibly stoic individual given the injury,” shared the emergency medicine physician who shared the case. “Discussed with peds Ortho at children’s hospital. Sedated and reduced. Thought we even had better alignment than came up radiographically. Arm was normal in appearance with no visible swelling. Ortho was very happy with it all in all.”

See the X-ray imagery

#3. Postaxial Polydactyly Type B 

An emergency medicine technician shared this third most interesting case in pediatrics:

“23-week-old male presented to the ED with increased swelling of his sixth digit, classified as postaxial polydactyly type B (PAPB). Mother reported that the patient often used the digit for teething and his siblings also ‘played with it,’ which caused excessive twisting and ultimately compromised proper circulation.

“… Mother reported that although she did not have polydactyly, both her father and sister had PAPB with successful removal as infants. Postaxial polydactyly type B has been proven to be caused by a genetic mutation in the GLI3 gene which was allegedly found in her sister’s DNA.

“Mother stated that the PCP had referred them to plastic surgery with no success in reaching treatment options. The ED physician successfully excised the extra digit with no complications. Standard follow-up and wound care instructions were given upon discharge.”

See more details in the case comments

#2. “This is mind-blowing”

According to the member who shared this case, a 2-year-old patient was brought in after two days of a nonproductive cough. What the medical team discovered in the imaging shocked the Figure 1 community. 

See the full image and find out what the child swallowed

#1. Double Vision

An elementary-school aged child doing well in class was brought in after experiencing a month of mild double vision. A brain scan showed an unexpected cause. Per the internal medicine resident who shared the case, the child was “completely neurologically normal.”

The case prompted many fascinated responses from the community:

“There are truly no cognitive impairments?? This is remarkable.”

“Hard to believe that this child is neurologically intact given the severity. Absolutely amazing how well they compensate.”

“One of the few cases that has made my jaw drop.”

“The body amazes me every day!”

What do you think is the cause? View the case to find out

Published August 22, 2023

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