Top Medical Cases of 2023

From dermatology to rheumatology and everything between, each year thousands of medical cases are shared on Figure 1. Here are the top medical cases with the most buzz in 2023.

#5. Red Legs

In fifth place of the top medical cases of 2023 is a case shared by a paramedic: “Man over 80 with history of psoriasis managed by community dermatology with good effect then legs became progressively red and painful as per photos. Systemically well at presentation no new medications sought help at this point and admitted, inflammatory markers were only slightly raised (CRP, WCC, ferritin).”

Many members of the community suggested erythroderma as the cause. 

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#4. A Case of Back Pain

An emergency medicine physician shared this case of a near miss with the community: “53-year-old male past medical history significant for marijuana use, hypertension, is arriving today with back pain, which began 16 hours prior to arrival … He describes a pain is sharp, radiating pain that is constant. The patient notes that hot showers have helped relieve the pain … Rated pain 10 out to of 10, and noted associated symptoms, including occasional abdominal pain, occasional radiating lower chest pain, nausea and vomiting … Additionally, patient states he has taken four migraine tablets without relief. He reports use of tobacco and smoking marijuana. He says he doesn’t take his high blood pressure medicine because ‘he doesn’t have energy when he takes it.’ Previous surgeries: knee and hip reconstruction no pertinent family history. Uses methamphetamine.”

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#3. Thyroid Goiter

In third place of the top medical cases of 2023, a technologist student posted this image following the removal of a patient’s thyroid goiter. According to the technologist student, the patient had been aware of the growth for 20 years but had not sought medical care while focusing on raising their family. 

The community was amazed to learn the goiter had not significantly impacted the patient’s ability to swallow or breathe. “Shockingly they were having no problems swallowing or breathing. Their mass was anterior/lateral and didn’t compress the airway AT ALL,” said the technologist student.

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#2. Wound Infection

This case, shared by a licensed practical nurse, shows the foot of a patient in their 80s. The patient previously had a limb amputated and is not diabetic. The initial cause of the infection came as a surprise to the community. 

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#1. Slipped and Fell Backward

The top medical case of 2023 had the community in shock. This is an image of a patient who was impaled by a 2 meter-long bar of metal. 

The member who shared the case provided these details: “From CT description, the metal object is 20mm away from the ICA. Optic nerve, optic vessels intact. Eyeball intact. Under GA the object was removed antero-posteriorly, drainage tube inserted along the canal. Follows medication in ICU.” Despite the dramatic injury, the patient was expected to survive. 

Comments from the community included:

“Amazing what the body can survive.”

“You can’t make this stuff up … That is WILD.”

“From the EMS personnel to the ER to the physician (all heroes) to the miracle that this pt escaped sudden death, I stand in awe.”

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Published December 13, 2023

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