A 10-Year-Old With Bloody Stool

They Pass Bloody Stools Intermittently

A 10-year-old presents with a five-month history of constant fever (39–40 C). Hepatosplenomegaly is noted on exam. They are anemic, and have a high copy number of EBV-DNA. Colonoscopy reveals large ulcers and neoplasm in the ileocecum, as well as the ascending, transverse, and descending colon.

This case was shared by a pediatric physician in the Figure 1 community. After some discussion among healthcare professionals on the case, the physician was able to come back and share the diagnosis and treatment plan with those following along for updates.

Pediatric physician: “This child was diagnosed with T cell lymphoproliferative disease associated with chronic active EBV infection. It was categorized as a kind of lymphoma after 2016. HSCT is the only way to cure this disease.”

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