The Classic Triad of Susac Syndrome

A 31-year-old, right handed, previously immunocompetent person, presents with progressive headaches, intermittent visual disturbance, and mild confusion. Examination reveals a superior temporal field defect in the right eye. MRI brain is obtained (sagittal non-contrast T1-weighted image is shown). Lumbar puncture shows 18 white blood cells (87% lymphocytes), protein 196.5 mg/dL, and glucose 60 mg/dL. 

This patient has several characteristic features of Susac syndrome, a rare immune-mediated vasculopathy that mainly affects young people assigned female at birth, but can also affect those assigned male at birth. The classic triad of Susac syndrome — encephalopathy, branch retinal artery occlusion (BRAO), and hearing loss — is present in only a minority of patients. The BRAO was responsible for our patient’s field defect. “Snowball” lesions in the corpus callosum, as shown here, are a characteristic finding. Prompt immunosuppressive therapy is indicated.

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Figure 1 Medical Case

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Aravind Ganesh, MD, DPhil(Oxon), FRCPC
Vascular and Cognitive Neurologist and Assistant Professor, University of Calgary Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Published March 2, 2022

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