Our commitment to protect patient privacy

We know privacy is a big deal, so we treat it like a big deal. Here is our policy on how we store data about you, your patients, and your conversations on Figure 1.

Patient privacy

In accordance with HIPAA, we designed Figure 1 to remove any type of identifying information, like a person’s name, birthday, any ID numbers, plus 17 other things. These types of information are known as protected health information (PHI).

We systematically help you remove these data to ensure that no patient’s identity is ever compromised. After that, actual humans with special training review each image before it gets posted.

Your user data

  • We collect information from you that you give us. These are things like:
  • Your user name
  • Your email address
  • Other information you supply (See our Terms & Conditions for more details)

We also collect data about you when you use Figure 1

Things like:

  • Logging which types of device access Figure 1
  • Logging which of types browser access Figure 1
  • Using cookies or other similar technology (see our Terms & Conditions for details)

Your conversations on Figure 1

Anything you say publicly on Figure 1 can be seen by other users on Figure 1. All conversations on Figure 1 are conducted in the context of medical education — not medical advice — thus we encourage teachers and learners to share openly with each other.

Conversations held in public groups are also public, but conversations in private groups are only available to members of the group.