Request instant feedback from the community (Paging)

You can use Figure 1 to page specialists around the world when you have a time-sensitive question in need of a quick response. To page a specialist, you must first upload a case. When creating the case:

  1. Add the case information as you would normally
  2. Under Is this case resolved? select Unresolved
  3. You’ll then be asked if you are trying to resolve the case and if you’d like community input
  4. If you would like help, select Yes; if you do not want help, select No
  5. In the Page specialists box, click the toggle button on
  6. Click the Save button
  7. Click Add specialties
  8. Select the relevant specialties; healthcare professionals in these specialties will receive a paging notification about your case
  9. Click the Done button
  10. Finish creating your case then click Submit Case

Our team of moderators will review your case and you will receive a notification when your case has been approved. If your case is approved and you opted to receive help, Figure 1 members in the specialties you selected will receive a paging notification.

If your case is not accepted, you will receive an email explaining why.