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Dermatology Clinical Guideline Summaries

Atopic Dermatitis Comorbidities Clinical Guidelines and Resources

The American Academy of Dermatology released updated guidelines on comorbidities associated with atopic dermatitis in adults. Read a brief summary of some key recommendations for dermatologists and other healthcare professionals coming out of the guidelines.
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Managing Testosterone-Induced Acne in Transgender Patients

Transgender people undergoing hormone therapy with testosterone commonly experience acne as an unwanted side effect. Acne does not just affect the skin; it can worsen body image and cause mental distress. Patients receiving testosterone will most likely experience acne; therefore, it is essential for healthcare professionals to become familiar with the treatment of testosterone-induced acne.
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Psoriasis Comorbidities Clinical Guidelines and Resources

After more than a decade, the American Academy of Dermatology and the National Psoriasis Foundation updated their guidelines for managing and treating psoriasis, including psoriasis comorbidities. Read a brief summary of some key recommendations coming out of the revised guidelines related to psoriasis and comorbidities.
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Dermatology Patient Cases

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Dermatology Clinical Quizzes

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Trending Topics in Dermatology

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1. Mpox

2. Melanoma

3. Scabies

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Dermatology Videos

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Listen and Learn: DDx Podcast

Scratching the surface

Listen to the full second season of our DDx podcast, exploring complex cases faced by dermatologists — from the psychosocial comorbidities of skin disease to the potentially fatal complications of a rash.

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Free CME

View two real patient cases of dermal necrosis and learn the causes, differences in presentation, and treatment options. Start activity >

Recognize how melanoma manifests clinically, the differential diagnoses to consider, management and referral considerations, and proposed pathophysiology. Start activity >

Understand the clinical manifestations and treatment options of caterpillar dermatitis. Start activity >

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Related Research

Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Itch and Pain in Atopic Dermatitis and Implications for Novel Therapeutics | PubMed
“We review the molecular mechanisms underlying itch and pain symptoms in atopic dermatitis and discuss the current clinical development of treatments for moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis … Among emerging novel therapeutics, several Janus kinase inhibitors are being developed for topical or systemic treatment of moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis because of their potential to modulate cytokine expression and release.”

Immunotherapy for Non-melanoma Skin Cancer | PubMed
“The therapeutic landscape for non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) has recently expanded with the development of effective and targeted immunotherapy … Immunotherapy is emerging as the standard of care for several advanced NMSCs not amenable to surgery and radiation. Ongoing evaluation of the clinical trial landscape is needed to optimize enrollment and ensure continued innovation.”

Beyond Skin Deep: Addressing Comorbidities in Psoriasis | PubMed
“Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease that is commonly encountered in primary care and is associated with significant morbidity that extends beyond the skin manifestations … Enhanced recognition of these comorbidities may lead to earlier diagnosis and potentially better overall health outcomes … Effective therapies are now available that have been shown to concurrently improve skin disease, quality of life and psychiatric symptoms.”

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Related Medical Calculators

ALT-70 Score for Cellulitis

Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI)

Treatment of Psoriatic Arthritis
CASPAR Criteria for Psoriatic Arthritis

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