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Primary Care Patient Cases

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Primary Care Videos

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Listen and Learn: DDx Podcast

Young, fit, and female? Higher chance of misdiagnosis

Listen to the full first season of our DDx podcast, exploring a series of some physicians’ most memorable cases. Enjoy six real stories of patients presenting with obscure and uncommon symptoms.

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Free CME

View a case about a patient presenting with corneal rings and learn about their potential association with cardiovascular disease while understanding how to apply effective diagnosis and treatment. Start activity >

Discover how fluoroquinolones can increase risk of aortic dissection and which patients should avoid these antibiotics. Start activity >

Recognize the common presenting symptoms of measles, an extremely contagious, vaccine-preventable illness. Start activity >

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Related Research

Virtual Primary Care in High-income Countries During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Policy Responses and Lessons for the Future | PubMed
“With the unexpected onset of COVID-19, virtual care (e.g., telephone, video, online) has become essential to facilitating the continuation of primary care globally. Over several short weeks, existing healthcare policies have adapted quickly and empowered clinicians to use digital means to fulfill a wide range of clinical responsibilities, which until then have required face-to-face consultations.”

Primary Care-based Interventions to Address the Financial Needs of Patients Experiencing Poverty: A Scoping Review of the Literature | PubMed
“It is broadly accepted that poverty is associated with poor health, and the health impact of poverty has been explored in numerous high-income country settings … Using a scoping review methodology, we searched five databases, the grey literature and the reference lists of relevant studies to identify studies on interventions to address the economic needs-related social determinants of health that occur in primary health care delivery settings, in high-income countries.”

Digital Health Needs for Implementing High-quality Primary Care: Recommendation from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine | PubMed
“A National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine committee developed a plan to implement high-quality primary care … The first action is developing the next phase of digital health certification standards that support relationship-based, continuous, person-centered care; simplify user experience; ensure equitable access; and hold vendors accountable. Second, the committee recommended adopting a comprehensive aggregate patient data system usable by any certified digital health tool.”

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Related Medical Calculators

Atheroscleotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD) Risk Algorithm

PECARN Pediatric Head Injury/Trauma Algorithm

Canadian CT Head Injury/Trauma Rule

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