Inspiring Clinical Progress: Before and After Cases

Advances in modern medicine and the positive impact on patient outcomes never cease to amaze. On Figure 1, our members are often able to follow along with the real-time clinical progress of patient cases. Here are five dramatic before and after cases from the Figure 1 community that had our members fascinated.

#5. Squamous Cell Carcinoma Resection Surgery

These are the before and after photos of a patient with advanced stage T4 squamous cell carcinoma who underwent resection surgery. The medical student who shared the case noted, “Reconstruction was done with pedicle from pec major.” 

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#4. Scalp Reconstruction

This traumatic injury happened after a piece of equipment fell and hit this patient’s head. Fortunately, the patient was wearing a hard hat and underwent a successful scalp reconstruction. 

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#3. Varicose Veins Removal

This case shows the clinical progress of a patient with varicose veins following sclerotherapy. “Wow!”, “Excellent results.”, and “This is awesome!” were just a few of the comments from the community impressed by these before and after results. 

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#2. 3D-Printed Prosthetic Hand

An occupational therapy student shared this story of 6-year-old in Nicaragua with a congenital residual thumb with the Figure 1 community.

“Used a 3D printer to develop a prosthetic hand for a 6 yoF in Nicaragua with a congenital residual limb. Wrist driven design which flexes the MP and IP joints. Fully functional cyborg beast. Will post follow up pictures next week after prosthetic is delivered to patient.”

The occupational therapist later shared this update: “Pictures taken during fitting and placement of prosthetic. Upon evaluation pt is fully functional in all daily activities. Pt can string beads and tie her own shows with her residual limb … It was determined that pt is fully independent, pt did not have the wrist strength or active flexion to produce prosthetic MP or IP movement. Prosthetic was brought back to the US for further research.”

While the patient was not able to use the prosthesis in its current form, this case shows the incredible clinical progress that is possible using 3D technology.

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#1. Dental Calculus Removal

A dental hygienist shared the clinical progress of a patient who experienced a severe buildup of dental calculus, or tartar. 

For the non-dental HCPs in the community, a dental hygienist who commented on the case explained, “It’s calculus which is hard. It looks like you could pick it off with your finger … but it has to be removed by a hygienist, cavitron and probably some anesthetic!”

Another dental hygienist chimed in, “This is what hygienists love to do. Make a difference in someone’s life that they can see and feel right away.”

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Published September 5, 2023

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